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Patrick B. Armknecht CPA, CITP

The Schneider Downs Business Process Automation team is committed to assisting clients with the evaluation, adoption and implementation of robotic process automation technology.

我们与客户一起评估用例, 进行成本效益分析, 实现过程自动化, and provide continuous support to the operation of your business automation processes.

For 30 years, Schneider Downs has helped organizations translate technology to transformative change in a wide range of internal controls and business processes. 我们的团队有深入的知识, business acumen, and deep experience necessary to translate business automation technology into strategic solutions to help organizations increase efficiency, 降低风险,推动增长.


Robotic Process Automation, 通常称为RPA, is a class of business process automation technology used to create software robots, commonly known as “bots” that automate tasks and streamline processes using human-centric interfaces. 通过实施这种经济高效且可扩展的技术, organizations of all sizes are increasing operational efficiency by tackling high-volume tasks critical to business operations with a virtual workforce rather than increased staffing levels.


24X7X365 – Increase productivity with bots working around the clock without the worries of sick days, vacation, or attrition.

Cost Savings –Enable your organization to increase productivity without increased head count.

Employee Engagement – Allow your staff to focus on higher-value assignments and strategic work, 机器人负责乏味, mundane tasks.

Reduced Risk –Eliminate the risk of human error and provide audit trails for compliance and regulatory requirements.

Scalable – Maximize an agile and scalable virtual workforce that evolves with your organizations’ needs and growth.

Speed – Significantly reduce task completion time and increase processing capacity without additional resources.

Transparency – Gain instant access to detailed performance reports and business insights through data analytics for continuous improvement and productivity.


Consultation – Every business automation engagement starts with a consultation to better understand why your organization is interested in RPA technology and how a virtual workforce can work for you.

Process Analysis – Business processes that are identified as candidates for automation will be scored on their potential implementation difficulty and cost benefit.

Development and Pilot —选择进程后, the Schneider Downs team will provide a detailed analysis to document the tasks involved in the workflow and move forward with the RPA development and deploy the pilot.

Integration – Information from the pilot provides critical feedback that is used to optimize and refine the bot for full-scale deployment.

On average the business automation development can take anywhere between two to eight weeks based on business process documentation, development, 测试和任务复杂性.


One of the key advantages business process automation offers is the ability to impact a number of internal controls and business units regardless of industry or vertical. Below are just a few examples of how our technology can help streamline your organization.


  • 应收账款处理
  • Audit Control
  • Expense Management


  • Statement Reconciliation
  • P&L Preparation
  • Regulatory Compliance


  • Onboarding
  • Employment Verification
  • Record Keeping


  • Onboarding
  • Relationship Management
  • User Profile Updates


  • Lead Nurturing
  • Invoice Management
  • CRM Updates


  • Inventory Management
  • Refund Processing
  • Procurement Records


Learn how the Schneider Downs Business Process Automation team has helped clients across a number of industries leverage RPA technology to increase efficiency and productivity.

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Schneider Downs Technology Advisors are committed to providing value-added technology services and solutions to our clients. We strive to create an ongoing mutually beneficial relationship with our clients by focusing on client satisfaction, delivery of quality service and the continuous education and training of our staff. 在当今苛刻的世界市场, one of the most challenging tasks facing a company is utilizing and processing information effectively and efficiently.

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